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Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Well - if I'm honest I'm looking for a good reason to buy another Monix stove top coffee pot 'a deux'. I love the morning ritual of making coffee...




Stroud, Gloucestershire

I am funny, unselfish, multi-facetted and gregarious. There, short and snappy without a trace of self-importance! I have a lot to offer the future...




Sheffield, Yorkshire - South

I am a mature ex company boss now retired, was also a professional motorbike racer. I still have an interest in bikes, currently own 2. I do have a...




Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

I am really 50 and these are all photos from this year - its really important to be clear on this. I am still very much fit, healthy and not past...


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Success stories

John-Paul, 2015-01-02

Thanks, couldn't have done it without you. Blissfully happy.

Tony, 2015-05-06

I am absolutely delighted, and incredibly lucky, I feel, to have found someone with whom I have found total compatibility via this site.

Rae, 2015-07-27

I met a lovely lady who lives about an hour from me, we clicked immediately and have been together ever since. We see each other every week for a couple of days, more if we can. As a widow I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing, but to find companionship and happiness again is wonderful. Thanks to this site, life seems a lot brighter.

Fiona, 2015-03-09

After a long and sometimes tedious search I met him and am now very happy! All my friends who have 'met someone' have achieved this on-line - it seems to be the best and almost only way. Thank you!

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