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8 April 2020

Thank you ... Hope for future.

7 April 2020

Thrilled at finding 98 % match. It can work.

3 April 2020

I found my soul mate on this site last January. I am a very happy woman. Thank you very much for helping me with this.

23 March 2020

It takes a second look to appreciate someone, and if you are lucky, they see it too.

22 March 2020

Met and married now thanks.

21 March 2020

Met 2 years ago via this site, extremely happy!

18 March 2020


18 March 2020

I have found a truly gorgeous man on this site and I now wish to leave the site and concentrate on exploring the possibilities of him.

13 March 2020

I found the format, and structure of the site easy to navigate. The contact between the site and myself was appropriate. I have recommended the site to other friends.

8 March 2020

I found my match on your site in December. Thank you.

27 February 2020

We are very much in love!

24 February 2020

It took me over a year of assiduous internet dating and more than 30 first dates but then I found someone that, although I was sure he wasn't the right person, I could never seem to stop seeing because he made me a laugh a lot. We've been seeing each since July 2018 and we now live together. It's all rather lovely.

23 February 2020

Thank you for an excellent site - I am so happy.

17 February 2020

I have found a fantastic new soulmate - thankyou.

15 February 2020

Thank you!

9 February 2020

February 4th First met for a drink and there was an immediate connection. Talked for 3 hours without realising. Have seen each other virtually every day since. So so happy together. Already planning things for the future which looks really rosy. Wouldn't have believed i could meet such a wonderful caring considerate man who in a matter of days has changed my life. Thank you for being the means for me to meet him.

1 February 2020

I have met someone who seems a great match via the site. Many thanks

30 January 2020

Through your website I have fallen in love. Thank you.