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13 March 2020

I found the format, and structure of the site easy to navigate. The contact between the site and myself was appropriate. I have recommended the site to other friends.

8 March 2020

I found my match on your site in December. Thank you.

27 February 2020

We are very much in love!

24 February 2020

It took me over a year of assiduous internet dating and more than 30 first dates but then I found someone that, although I was sure he wasn't the right person, I could never seem to stop seeing because he made me a laugh a lot. We've been seeing each since July 2018 and we now live together. It's all rather lovely.

23 February 2020

Thank you for an excellent site - I am so happy.

17 February 2020

I have found a fantastic new soulmate - thankyou.

15 February 2020

Thank you!

9 February 2020

February 4th First met for a drink and there was an immediate connection. Talked for 3 hours without realising. Have seen each other virtually every day since. So so happy together. Already planning things for the future which looks really rosy. Wouldn't have believed i could meet such a wonderful caring considerate man who in a matter of days has changed my life. Thank you for being the means for me to meet him.

1 February 2020

I have met someone who seems a great match via the site. Many thanks

30 January 2020

Through your website I have fallen in love. Thank you.

28 January 2020

A very lovely experience.

27 January 2020

Site has proved successful.

27 January 2020

Found the love of my life.

22 January 2020

Met a stunning lady! Thank you.

19 January 2020

Many thanks for your well organised service.

16 January 2020

I am very happy to have (finally!) found a really lovely man thanks to this dating lark! Yay!

16 January 2020

She is beautiful, funny and has an amazing attitude to life. Our match so far has been perfect.

14 January 2020

Thank you for helping me find a lovely person to be with. I would definitely recommend you to friends.